CW-One Is to Launch New Artists Singles by 2nd and 3rd Quarter.

By: CW-One Music Staff

New York City - March 1st, 2021

CW-One has started out late in the first quarter in releasing new music because of major changes within it's executive staff, but is in the works of dropping several singles within the coming months. Since the preparation of locking in a new deal with R&B sensation LXXS and with signing Hip Hop Artist, Kilimian, (pronounced: "Killa My-An") - these two artists will be setting the stage for delivering new sounds on the global market.

CEO, Carlton Wright believes "this has been a long time waiting" since last year's success of releasing “Cooler” by Mochavtion. That single had peaked #163 as reported by Digital Radio Tracker - April 25th, 2020, in addition to being charted #43 on the Independent Airplay Charts after its first week of receiving radio rotation last year.

LXXS and Kilimian's music will excel in that lane as these two artists will deliver platinum hits that will ring bells and bring attention to all the veterans on the "Who's Who" list of the music scene. 

Watch out for what's in store with LXXS as her music will drop first sometime in April!