Who Is LXXS???




Within the start of the first quarter, which actually began in the 2nd quarter of last year - we began to put in the work ethic of artist development, and along with the blood, the sweat and a little tears, we have been able to chisel out a magnificent sound that contributes to a team destined for success! 

LXXS, or otherwise known by some as, "LXXS the Artist," is a very sweet and poised young lady from Ohio, who has been put in a very challenging position to represent a new sound in music that will captivate the hip hop and r&b audience, thus bringing forth that new taste of music within the core of this "new wave" sound that appears to be surfacing along the lines of r&b music today. I don't say this because our label represents her - I say this because r&b appears to be taking on a new approach with bringing in or intertwining the 90s brand of r&b into the 21st century sound of music. With this being said, LXXS has taken on the weight of representing such a brand, thereby becoming the trailblazer of this new music sound, creating a trend-setting approach with her solid list of songs! Her first pre-release single: "Superwoman", produced by Larry 'Rock Campbell, former Director of A&R of the now defunct Jive Records, represents that bold, strong, and confident woman who has overcome the trials and tribulations of being put in situations most women can't seem to get out of. LXXS lyrics present the attitude of overcoming those obstacles by the empowerment of self. There are major parts in this song that brings explosion to her attitude in these lyrics -  which brings to life a whole new position of woman empowerment - of total feeling of independence, not just from an emotional point of view, but from being in total control of her life - true empowerment! 


There is a lot of mystery in this young lady, for one, being only eighteen (18) years of age, she expresses a lot of real adult situations in her songs, which should only come from the experience of someone who could have only gone through the things she expresses in her lyrics at a much older age.LXXS new single will soon hit the digital store markets February 28th, and will be hitting the radio airways soon thereafter. To enjoy the experience of this powerful single and to get to feel her expression of women empowerment, click onto her single by clicking on Soundcloud. You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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